The Series

Book 1

Lightbringer – Legends of Light: Book 1

Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue? It was going to be, Legends of Light: Chronicles of the Known World: Book 1 – Lightbringer.

I know.

You can purchase Book 1 here on Amazon.

This first book follows Yasha’s journey to harness her Light magic.  Having this story be the first book was the hardest battle I have fought yet.  I knew Yasha had to be the first book. Her character is the historian, so she is able to explain this new world to us. We see the Known World through her eyes. She also has no idea about Lasher’s past, so through her eyes we can love him, trust him, and root for him, without being biased by the TON of horrible choices and actions he takes in his book.

Lasher’s book will be second. I’m working on it! Hoping to release this currently untitled second book in the Spring-ish of 2018.


Oathbreaker - K. M. Kaufman

Book 2

Oathbreaker – Legends of Light: Book 2

Successful May book release. Go me!

You can purchase Book 2 here on Amazon.

This second book gives us insights into Lasher’s past and how he met his wife. It begins the tale of civil war in the forbidden East that Yasha mentions in book 1.  We also learn about how ensnared Lasher is to the Shadow as we watch him interact with Darkling from childhood into his adult years. We also learn that he wants to escape his dark past, but because he is a second son, he doesn’t have the choice or freedom he needs to ever really be rid of the Shadow.

I’m currently work on a to-be-titled Book 3. But while I’m not sure where that one is going, I will also be working on Mini Stories for the subscribers to my mailing list. These Mini Stories will be fairy tales from the different cultures in the Known World, short stories from characters that may not get their own “feature” length novels, or whatever the heck else I can come up with. They will be free.

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