Paperback is Live

Well that was faster than I thought it would be.

I reviewed the Paperback Proof yesterday after holding it for a few hours.  Everything looked up to my standards. So I hit the approved to print button on Createspace and read through the information. 3-5 business days for your book to go live, yada yada, so I resigned myself to waiting.

I waited 24 hours.

I had a few more questions, being a newbie indie author and not sure how I would know when the paperback copy was available, so I was tooling around the message boards on Createspace, trying to figure this out and just thought, I’ll check and see if my Amazon listing looks different.

Yeah. It was.

There are now two versions live on Amazon. The ebook and the paperback!

I immediately told my super close VIP friends/beta readers and they purchased as a test and all seems aboveboard and working.

So, here I am telling the world that my first ever book is for the first time ever available in paperback on If you are interested, click here.

Thank you, and goodnight!

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Katie lives in Moorhead, MN with her husband, one cat and best dog, Howard. Her cat, after four years, has still not forgiven her for getting a dog, but such is a cat’s life. Dogs are crosses they must bear. Katie grew up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota where the wheat and barley fields rolled in the summer wind like ocean waves, and where the snow storms wailed like banshees in the winter. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, with a Minor in History from Minnesota State University of Moorhead, then she quickly learned how to answer a phone politely and how to document process so she could eat. She loves watching Netflix, knitting, crocheting, spinning, felting slippers, and wishes she had sheep…or Angora rabbits. Just one Angora rabbit. She would name that rabbit Sir Floofer Flops the III, because surely, he would come from a very old dignified family. Katie enjoys listening to Audible and teaching herself new languages. In the summer, she attempts to, and would like to believe she succeeds at, keeping all the plants in her garden alive, possibly with the help of foreign swear words — what the neighbors can’t understand, won’t hurt them.

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