Lightbringer Paperback is Coming Soon

Hello All,

Update: I have been editing away on book 2. Still don’t have a title for it, but that will come with  time and maybe stoutness exercises (high five yourself if you got that reference, you deserve it).

Still hoping to publish book 2 in May 2018. I will send out notifications to let you all know. If you aren’t signed up for my new release mailing list yet, click here to join and you will be the first to know when book 2 goes live.

Next Update:  I am currently, even as I write, finalizing the trade paperback version of Lightbringer: Legends of Light: Book 1.  I will announce on Facebook when it goes live on Amazon.  I’ll let you guys know here as well. Really, I’ll plaster the internet with the exciting news of my first book in print. This is crazy exciting!

Last marketing plug of the evening, please remember to leave comments for Lightbringer here if you wouldn’t mind, so that Yasha can get some more visibility on Amazon. If you have read book 1 and loved it, please, we need reviews.

I hope you all are doing well, if you are in the MN/ND area, I hope you are warm and weathering the blowing snow and cold temperatures. I recently fell in love with a new book series, The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger. Follow the link to the Audible version (I love my Audible), or browse for the ebook or paperback. Definitely worth your time.

Take care,


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